Code of Ethics

As part of the Company's obligations to its shareholder's and specifically in light of Sarbane-Oxley legislation, its requirements under various sections and the various new rules instituted by the SEC, the Company is continually reviewing it's internal control policies and procedures. As part of this process, the Company has adopted a Code of Ethics that has been signed and accepted by all Directors and Officers of the Company. Additionally, a disclosure Committee has also been created in order to control and discuss all dissemination of information. The Company is committed to this process and continues to review its policies and procedures to ensure its compliance with all applicable rules, regulations and laws.


EDAP-TMS pays particular attention to the principles of ethics and honesty and compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions that govern its activity. 
EDAP-TMS adheres to the principles of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, the International Labor Organization, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). 
In this context, the Ethics Code allows each employee to examine the attitude they must adopt in delicate situations that they may encounter in their relationships both within and outside of the company. 
It is the realization of EDAP-TMS’s responsibility towards its employees and towards all stakeholders in its activities. 
With regard to its employees, EDAP-TMS is committed to diversity, equal opportunity, safety and respect at work. Our employees are one of the company’s main strengths, and they must have a safe and healthy work environment, where talent and personal merit are recognized, diversity is valued, private life is respected and the right balance between personal and professional life is taken into account. 
With regard to its stakeholders, whether they be: 
  • Patients: EDAP-TMS ensures the safety and quality of its products, in compliance with legal, regulatory, and internal regulations in place in order to fulfill its duty of information and integrity.
  • Health Professionals: EDAP-TMS ensures compliance with legislation on the transparency of existing links between companies producing or marketing health-related products and participants in the health sector (Sunshine act in the United States, or the Bertrand Law of 2011 in France).
  • Suppliers and service providers: EDAP-TMS determines its business relations in compliance with local laws, internal charters and requirements in the fields of human rights and working conditions, the environment and ethics. EDAP-TMS calls on its suppliers to commit themselves to taking action against corruption in all its forms.
  • Officials and state representatives: EDAP-TMS is committed to strict compliance with anticorruption laws and regulations, such as the OECD Convention, or the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
  • Shareholders and investors: EDAP-TMS provides regular and transparent information on the group's activity, strategy, operational and financial performance, outlook and financial characteristics to assess the company's situation.