Ablatherm-HIFU featured on Euronews Video Broadcast

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Jul 06,2005

Ablatherm-HIFU featured on Euronews Video Broadcast

Ablatherm-HIFU featured on Euronews Video Broadcast

EDAP and the Ablatherm-HIFU were featured on June 24 in a Euronews video segment. Euronews is a video broadcast network covering more than 120 million households in Europe, Canada and Southeast Asia.

The video is linked here for your viewing with English translation.
The file is approximately 15MB in total size.
German, Spanish, French and Italian versions are also available.

The video segment highlighted the changing choices in treatment of localized prostate cancer as the Ablatherm-HIFU gains interest among physicians and patients for is less invasive method, total treatment time of less than 2 hours and lower side effects.

Dr. Murat, a long-time Ablatherm-HIFU practitioner, is featured characterizing the treatment as a now proven choice showing Ablatherm-HIFU to be as effective as traditional methods but offering a better quality of life after therapy.

Also featured is a patient who experienced a recurrence of cancer 3 years after his initial treatment by radiation. He turned to Ablatherm-HIFU with its one-of-a-kind specialized post-radiation protocols and was successfully cured rather than being left at a therapeutic impasse.

Ablatherm-HIFU is internationally recognized as the clear HIFU leader in localized prostate cancer and now becoming more widely available in many regions around the globe.

The video clipping will also be available online at the company's informative HIFU education site, http://www.hifu-planet.com under the "News" section.


EDAP TMS S.A. develops and markets Ablatherm, the most advanced and clinically proven choice for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) treatment of localized prostate cancer. HIFU treatment is shown to be a minimally invasive and effective treatment option with a low occurrence of side effects. Ablatherm-HIFU is generally recommended for patients with localized prostate cancer (stages T1-T2) who are not candidates for surgery or who prefer an alternative option or patients who failed radiotherapy treatment. The company is also developing this technology for the treatment of certain other types of tumors. EDAP TMS S.A. also produces and commercializes medical equipment for treatment of urinary tract stones using Extra-corporeal Shockwave Lithotripsy (ESWL).

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