Ablatherm-HIFU featured in UroToday.com Electronic Newsletter

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Oct 31,2006

Ablatherm-HIFU featured in UroToday.com Electronic Newsletter

Ablatherm-HIFU featured in UroToday.com Electronic NewsletterEDAP and Ablatherm-HIFU were recently featured in an email distributed by UroToday.com to more than 10,000 urologists advising them of the site's HIFU Resource Center. Urotoday.com, located at http://www.urotoday.com, is one of the top global destinations for up to date Urology information and the latest in clinical techniques.  

The newsletter, excerpted below, contains direct links to the HIFU resource center with a wealth of Ablatherm-HIFU background and clinical data, a summary of a recent article reporting outcomes from 227 Ablatherm patients, a Webcast discussion on using HIFU for salvage therapy following radiation failure and HIFU abstracts from three urology conferences.

A Wealth of HIFU Resources Available on UroToday.com

The HIFU Resource Center supported by EDAP-tms provides a variety of clinical references, resources, information on current clinical trials as well as five
On-Demand Multi-Media Presentations.

A recent UroToday.com review article Control of Prostate Cancer by Transrectal HIFU in 227 Patients by Contributing Editor Christopher Evans, MD discusses clinical results with reference to disease-related prognostic factors from a HIFU study in Lyon, France.

UroToday.com also features a HIFU Presentation Webcast: Salvage High Intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer Local Relapse After Radiation Beam Therapy, as well as a host of related articles easily found through our search function on HIFU for prostate cancer treatment and other applications.

UroToday Conference Reports includes reviews and abstracts on HIFU from 24th WCE 2006,   EAU 2006,   AUA 2006  and others. Look for UroToday.com complete coverage of the upcoming Society Internationale d'Urologie (SIU 2006) November 12-16.

Pulsed-HIFU is non-invasive, leaves cells undamaged, poses no risk to surrounding tissues, is repeatable, precise and can be used before or after other treatments in all areas except the lungs and bone. Be sure to register for UroToday.com free UroAlerts to recieve up-to-date information on this important emerging technology!